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Welcome to our USI Tech Team Page for TheBTCGroup


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Important Numbers and Times

515-604-9872 Pin Code is 722-289#

Early Motivational Call - A great way to start your day....Mon-Sat 10am eastern

Live USI Tech Overview Call - For your prospects..........Mon-Sat 12noon eastern

Live Training Calls - Learn from the leaders...................Mon-Thur 8pm eastern

These call are not mandatory but they are useful and available for you to help you grow your business.  Use them and get your team on them as well.
Let the experts answer all the questions.
Duplicate your efforts by plugging your team into the system.
2 Minute Bitcoin Cartoon to share with prospects

Setting Up USI Tech Back Office
After you register your account with USI Tech
1. Make sure you secure your username and password - some of us send ourselves an email so that we never lose our usernames and passwords and they are always easy for us to find.

2. Make sure you click the button on the dashboard to "Upgrade to Affiliate"
You can't get paid without it.


Coinbase is where we buy and sell our Bitcoin

Get the referral link from your sponsor or if they don't have one
Use this link to sign up



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